My sibling wants myself and others to visit him in Portland, Oregon

My sibling had to transport to Portland OR last year for her job, then ever since she moved there, she has been literally begging myself and others to come visit him, however i know she is homesick or something. I keep telling my sibling that I do not particularly wanna come all the way there to the other side of the country. I will have to fly thoUnited Statesnds of miles to get there to visit. I mean, I love my sibling in addition to everything, butI particularly do not care about traveling all that much. However, she keeps on telling myself and others that it’s particularly worth the trip to go to Portland. She keeps trying to entice myself and others with all kinds of promises. She says that Portland is full of theaters, parks, shopping, in addition to all kinds of museums. She also says that there are lots of attractions downtown in Portland in addition to that the boutiques are good for shopping in. She prefers the local pop houses where they grind the beans in front of you in addition to she says that the food trucks there are amazing! The more she talks about it, the more she is wearing down my defenses. I have not told him that though. I am particularly thinking of booking a flight in addition to going out there to surprise him. She says that Portland is so good in addition to that they have live music all the time, in addition to that is particularly what pushed myself and others over the edge. I am a sucker for live music, in addition to she knows it. I suppose that’s why she saved that little bit of information for the end. She knew that was what would get myself and others to come to Portland!

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