On the day of the trip, I bought cannabis flower

Jack wanted to drive over to Albuquerque for the day so we could visit the national park and take some cool pictures for the website; Both of us take serious photos from heights or weird sites.

When my friends and I planned to drive to Albuquerque, I knew that I was going to buy recreational marijuana supplies from a dispensary in the city, then everyone knows that Albuquerque has really cheap prices on marijuana, then on the day of the trip, I took $300 out of the atm… I wanted enough currency for the marijuana purchase, gas, and food! My friends and I went to a gas station and I put 40 bucks in the car.

I purchased some popcorn and a drink. I purchased a several pack of beer from the liquor store. Both of us went to the Albuquerque marijuana dispensary next. I had about $220 in my wallet and I actually thought that was going to be enough currency. I started looking at all of the marijuana supplies in the dispensary and my mind went crazy. I started thinking about all the currency that I would save if I just stocked up right then and there. I ended up purchasing an ounce of marijuana flower and several grams of concentrate. I also bought several bags of marijuana edibles. My friends looked at myself and others like I was nuts, despite the fact that I knew that the prices on those marijuana products were going to be about $5 more per package if I bought them somewhere else. I left all of the stuff in the trunk of the car, while we spent the day in Albuquerque! The only thing I took with myself and others was a single bag of edibles.



Weed Pick-up Albuquerque New Mexico