The tunes scene in Seattle continues to grow

As soon as I had decided to pursue a career in tunes, I knew that I had to transfer to Seattle; I had been living in a small town, which was a wonderful place to be a kid, however a more confining place to be a teenager, however after I graduated school I had few options in such a small community, as well as I knew I had to find greener pastures, so to speak! Everyone in the world knows about the tunes scene in Seattle, Washington… How could anyone have missed hearing about it? Some of the largest bands of the last fifty years either come from Seattle, or hit it immense because of Seattle; For a fan of tunes, there are few places in the world better than Seattle, where you can find live shows every single night.

For a performer it’s a whole unusual story, because the level of competition in the Seattle tunes scene is serious, and just to hedge my bets I took a job with 1 of the local cannabis dispensaries.

At night I play shows in small clubs around Seattle, however during the day I work the front counter of a cannabis shop. In a place love Seattle where the cannabis industry generates so much upgrade, you can absolutely have a career as a budtender, but my coworker Steve has been a cannabis expert for the last fifteen years, as well as makes a lot more cash than I expected. Either with cannabis or with tunes, I am bound as well as determined to become a success story in Seattle, Washington.

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