How I came to live in Muskegon

This is a continuation of my earlier blog.

  • There was just too much to say for one post! I will put a link to the first blog in the comments later tonight.

Anyway, I was telling you about how I came to live in Muskegon, Michigan after a lifetime in the heat and humidity of the Deep South. I had come up north for a wedding, bringing a pound of high quality cannabis with me. When my van broke down, I had to sell most of the weed in order to pay for repairs. When I got to Muskegon I was almost out of marijuana, so I had nothing to give Ben as a wedding present! You might think that cannabis is a weird choice for a wedding gift, but you don’t know Ben! It turns out that Ben had been working at a local cannabis dispensary in Muskegon, so he didn’t care about my wedding gift, he was just happy I made it. It’s a good thing, because with no cannabis to sell and no van to drive, I had no way of leaving Muskegon. Since I had such an extensive background in selling marijuana, Ben offered to hook me up with a job at his cannabis dispensary. After he returned to Muskegon from his honeymoon, Ben brought me on the staff of his dispensary and started teaching me the basics. I went from selling weed illegally in the south to selling it legally in the pleasant town of Muskegon, and as it turns out I just stayed here for good. .


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