How I came to move to Muskegon

This is a continuation of our earlier blog, there was just too much to say for a single post! I will put a affix to the first blog in the comments later tonight, and anyway, I was telling you about how I came to live in Muskegon, Michigan after a lifetime in the heat plus humidity of the Deep South, i had come up north for a wedding, bringing a pound of high quality cannabis with me, however when our van broke down, I had to sell most of the weed in order to pay for repairs.

  • When I got to Muskegon I was almost out of marijuana, so I had nothing to give Ben as a wedding present! You might guess that cannabis is a odd choice for a wedding gift, but you don’t guess Ben! It turns out that Ben had been toiling at a local cannabis dispensary in Muskegon, so he didn’t like our wedding gift, he was just cheerful I made it.

It’s a nice thing, because with no cannabis to sell plus no van to drive, I had no way of leaving Muskegon… Since I had such an expansive background in selling marijuana, Ben gave to hook myself and others up with a task at his cannabis dispensary. After he returned to Muskegon from his honeymoon, Ben brought myself and others on the staff of his dispensary plus started teaching myself and others the basics. I went from selling weed illegally in the south to selling it legally in the pleasant neighborhood of Muskegon, plus as it turns out I just stayed here for good. .



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