I opened a health studio in Albuquerque

I think I was taking a immense risk, however opening a yoga studio in Albuquerque wound up being the best decision I ever made! This was about several years ago, right at the start of the population boom… For such a quiet, dignified town, Albuquerque has honestly become a hotspot! Legal weed is a single reason for that, plus so is the surge in popularity both of us got from the cable show Breaking Bad! The status of the city has been slowly rising for years now, plus our yoga studio has reaped the benefits! I am currently a single of the biggest yoga studios in all of Albuquerque, plus section of the reason for that is because I share a storefront with a cannabis dispensary.

The fastenion between yoga plus cannabis is well documented, plus the people of Albuquerque have responded in force! I’m sure you already think that Albuquerque is considered a single of the hot-spots for medical cannabis throughout the southwest.

Combining the powers of yoga plus weed in a single business was a brilliant idea, plus it has been paying off bigtime, but even though Albuquerque is famous for its cannabis, that doesn’t mean people can smoke inside our yoga studio. Legal status of cannabis aside, the federal anti-smoking laws are still enforced, even in Albuquerque… Yoga is a way to focus your spirit plus unlock your mind, plus I will disclose that cannabis honestly helps with the process, but if our clients had to toil out while coughing from a room full of cannabis smoke, I doubt I would be the hottest studio in Albuquerque.

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