There was a sweet Civil War cemetery just down the road

In my last blog post I told you all about the creepy ancient farmhouse owned by my Aunt as well as Uncle… The house dated back to the Civil War era, as well as was reputedly a stop on the Underground Railroad! I am a fan of studying history books, as well as all my research indicated that my Aunt as well as Uncle were telling the truth.

This area of rural IL was a political hotbed in those afternoons, and dozens of local farmers left their homes to join the Union Army as well as confrontation for the freedom of America; Recently I inherited the ancient house.

I wasn’t stoked about spending a few weeks in IL to settle family affairs, even though I had no choice… When I was a child I thought the farm was boring, however back then I couldn’t drive, as well as had no access to cannabis, but now cannabis is legal in IL, as well as the nearest dispensary is only 30 minutes away. One interesting fact I read in a book about the local history of IL during the Civil War was that a cemetery for veterans had been built nearby. There was no record of where this cemetery was, in any of the IL history books I read, so I decided to find it myself. Maybe it was the amazing IL cannabis making me foolhardy, even though I set out to explore the area around the house. Three afternoons later I found a hidden as well as wildly overgrown Civil War era cemetery! I instantly called the IL historical mankind as well as told them of my discovery. I believe like I made myself a part of IL history.

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