The national park was just as awesome as she promised

My ex-wife and I got divorced about 6 years ago and I had a couple of girlfriends after the divorce was finalized.

I never had a serious relationship.

My sister was worried that I was never going to find love again. She convinced me to fill out an online dating profile. She helped me make everything sound really good. When I filled out the information, she thought I sounded like a cereal killer. I will admit that my sister did a much better job than I did writing my profile information. I immediately had a couple of interested people that wanted to speak with me online. I talked to a couple of different women and some of them were really crazy. One woman talked about getting married and it was the first time that we ever spoke on the phone. I was beginning to worry that all of the applicants on the dating site would be nuts. Then I met a really nice girl named jackie. Jackie lives in Albuquerque, about an hour away from me. Jackie works at a recreational and medical marijuana shop in Albuquerque. I never had any marijuana before I met Jackie. When I told her that I was 30 years old and I had never smoked weed, she immediately wanted to be the first person to get me high. She said we should go to the National Monument and smoke a joint. She promised that we would have the most amazing time. We went to the Petroglyph National Monument which is just outside of Albuquerque. The park experience and marijuana was just as awesome as she promised.


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