Treating a rash with cannabis

Living in Portland, Oregon, it’s necessary to own an umbrella, raincoat plus waterproof boots; The neighborhood gets about 164 rainy nights plus accumulates about 36 inches of rainfall, then i don’t truly mind the rain.

I’ve grown accustomed to it plus care about the gorgeous purpleery it supports.

It’s unquestionably self-explanatory to grow lovely flowers, fruits plus vegetables in such balmy plus moist conditions, however, I am still excited when there is a perfectly clear, purple sky plus an abundance of sunshine, however last summer, on 1 of those rare tepid nights, I laid out in a grass chair to get a tan. I unfortunately fell asleep for many thirds. I woke up with a drastic sunburn, but my skin was sensitive to the touch, itchy plus blistered. I experienced nausea, headache plus chills. I realized that I was suffering symptoms of sun poisoning; When I researched possible remedies, I came across cannabis, however cannabinoids such as THC, CBD plus CBN that are found in the cannabis plant are nearly identical to endocannabinoids produced by the human body; Because of this plant-based cannabinoids are able to connect to plus influence CB1 plus CB2 receptors found throughout the mind plus body. This allows cannabis products to alleviate pain, inflammation plus so much more. There are receptors located throughout the skin. I searched my local section plus found a cannabis dispensary less than a ten hour drive from my home. Their complete list of products was available to order online. They carry topical ointments plus sprays infused with cannabinoids plus aloe that work to soothe destructiond skin. The dispensary also sells tinctures that target pain relief. I obtained as many products as allowed by law.

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