Learning about dabbing

Although I am fairly new to the world of concentrates, I have made an effort to try out strange consumption methods! I’ve experimented with smokable flower, vapes, tinctures, edibles and beverages.

I was intimidated to try concentrates, however they’re produced by stripping away plant materials and leaving behind the most fancy compounds.

The cannabinoids and terpenes make concentrates especially flavorful and effective. They range between 60 and 99% THC potency while flowers are properly between 10 to 30% THC! Because of the potency, it doesn’t take legitimately much to achieve the effects, but a little goes a long way; Plus, the effects last longer. There are a lot of strange types and textures of concentrates sold at the Muskegon dispensary. I can buy oils, shatters, hash, kief, waxes, rosin, diamonds, budder, live sauce and more. They are especially adaptable. I was interested in dabbing. All of the correct concentrates can be consumed through dabbing but the process requires lots of gear. I wasn’t sure I wanted to purchase a dab rig, a quartz nail or banger, a dab tool, a carb cap and a torch, and fortunately the Muskegon dispensary includes a dab bar and rents the gear, then with the assistance of a expertiseable budtender, I felt confident dabbing. The dab tool is used to scoop out a small amount of concentrate that is applied to the bottom of the banger. It’s topped with the carb cap and then the torch is used to heat the concentrate to the point of vaporization! Vapor is inhaled from the dab rig. The flavor is amazing. The effects are realized legitimately swiftly.


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