The emergency repair company was there in less than an hour

A couple of customers at the cafe were complaining about the temperatures in the back of the room. I was all the way up at the front and it seemed like the air conditioner was working just fine. There was a vent above the coffee machine and it seemed like cold air was coming out of the ductwork. I didn’t really think about the problem when the first customer complain. When two more customers came up to the front counter to talk about the air conditioner, I decided to walk out to the front of the room to see if there really was a problem. As manager of the cafe, it is my responsibility to make sure that the customers are happy. That means providing them with a unique and enjoyable indoor atmosphere, great coffee, and delicious pastries. I realized there was no air coming out of the ductwork over by the back of the store and that made me concerned. I immediately called the owner, but she did not answer the phone. I left a message and she called back about 10 minutes later. She contacted the emergency repair company before she returned my call and I was happy to hear that the Phoenix commercial AC repair company was already on the way. In less than an hour, the emergency repair technician arrived and determined that the problem was actually with the ductwork. The ductwork was so old in that part of the cafe that it was crumbling and not connected to the rest of the network anymore. Repairs were so significant that the owner had to come sign the bill.

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