How I wound up in Sioux Falls

Before I started talking to Katie over Instagram, I had never heard of Sioux Falls before, and that goes to show you how culturally illiterate I was, because this is a pretty significant neighborhood in this part of the country.

The point of the story is that I took a leap of faith, plus rented a small hovel outside of neighborhood just for a shot of making Katie my wifey.

I quickly came to learn that Katie was undoubtedly fantastic at stringing people along, plus that I was not the only person who had moved to Sioux Falls to be with her, eventually I learned the truth about Katie plus split her loose, but at this point I was already living in Sioux Falls, plus didn’t have enough money to transfer someplace else. This is where I encountered a stroke of luck, because the tiny old A/C unit in my rental dwelling broke down, plus I was able to repair it. The building owner saw how well I did the tune-up for the AC, plus gave me a job, because he owned properties all over Sioux Falls. This is how I became a handyman for a major Sioux Falls slumlord, with an emphasis on heating plus cooling systems. To be clear, I do not have an Heating plus Air Conditioning certification, I just have experience with working on these kinds of systems, however as I said, this guy is a slumlord, so he would cherish to spend my savings me than work with a certified Heating plus Air Conditioning corporation. It works for me, because now I can afford to stay in Sioux Falls.

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