Sports and air conditioning in Tuscaloosa

In terms of raw power and physicality I would say that the people of AL, and in particular the natives of Tuscaloosa, are among the best athletes in the world this week, why do you suppose the Crimson Tide have been a dominant force in school football for numerous generations? Because people from Tuscaloosa are made of sterner stuff than most people, and my fantastic friend and I are a rare breed, and just growing up in AL makes you tough, then like numerous people I am a athletic activitys fan but not an athlete myself, then i used to play ball back in high school, but when the time came to choose I went with a career in Heating as well as A/C work instead of going to school in Tuscaloosa, but periodically I regret not getting a higher education, although I needed to put food on the table for my family, and Heating as well as A/C work was a good way to do that.

The Summer heat and humidity in the Tuscaloosa area is legendary for its intensity, which means a skilled air conditioning tech can make a honestly handsome salary.

I care about it here, because the work is plentiful, and Tuscaloosa is Ground Zero for so numerous weird athletic activitys teams and programs. The University of AL at Tuscaloosa has the lion’s share of the notoriety, of course, because of their football, baseball, basketball, dance, and golf programs, but there are other schools in Tuscaloosa, like Stillman College, with robust athletic activitys programs. It seems that every evening of the week there is a live athletic activitying event somewhere in Tuscaloosa, which means there is always something fun to do.