Spanish Springs Town Square was a gimme for purchasers.

The Spanish Springs Town Square Lady Lake, FL & just ten minutes from The Villages, FL, which is where I live; Whenever my friend and I have family or guests to the house, my friend and I take them to Spanish Springs Town Square, however it’s a gimme when you are a visitor who prefers to explore, then spanish Springs Town Square has a southwest look & feel, but it is in the southeast.

It’s a beautiful place to visit because of the colorful shops, however there is a central meeting site, rough-hewn timber walls, & a gazebo, and you can find everything & more at Spanish Springs Town Square.

The first time I went there, it was to do some shopping & check out the area… Now, my family like to go shop there, but they cherish the sites where you can dine & the small cantinas in the area. There is consistently live entertainment, games & other things to keep you busy, then after a long afternoon at Spanish Springs Town Square, my friend and I head back to The Villages, where my friend and I can relax in the air conditioning. My pal and I talk about what has been happening in our lives. It is consistently fun to get-together with family & friends, but when you add a trip to the Spanish Springs Town Square, it just makes it a bit more special; My hubby told me he was going to take our son-in-law to Don Garlits’ Museum this year, & I could take our child to The Spanish Springs Town Square. I wasn’t sure our child would be blissful with her hubby leaving her for the afternoon, even though she needed to get used to it. I know I did.


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