The hotel A/C was not running absolutely well

I swear that the universe was against me this weekend, because everything that could go wrong, did go wrong, but my lady plus I were supposed to go to St, however petersburg for the day plus my associate and I planned to spend the night in a hotel… I went ahead plus made reservations at a hotel that was reasonably priced.

I thought that my lady would be happy that I made reservations, even though she was aggravated because she did not get to choose where my associate and I were staying; She accused me of being too cheap.

Maybe she was right, but the St.Petersburg hotel was 100 bucks a night. When my associate and I got to the hotel, our room was not ready yet. My pal and I were an hour early, so I wasn’t annoyed. My lady demanded to speak with the manager. She wanted to see our room plus my associate and I could not get in until 3:00 p.m. When my associate and I finally did get into the room, my lady was annoyed because the air conditioner was not on. No one in the housekeeping staff left the A/C running. When my associate and I entered the room it was warm plus humid plus absolutely uncomfortable. My lady complained to the hotel manager until they gave to supply us the room for free. When I complained about my lady complaining, she told me that I shouldn’t be annoyed because now the room was free. My pal and I argued a lot while in that weekend instead of having a nice time. I wish that things would have gone more smoothly, but the air conditioner problems were just one of several problems my associate and I had that weekend.

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