The townhome has 2 ductless mini split AC units

My mom and Mom moved to a retirement community called The Villages, but the retirement community is located in central Florida, then when my parents decided to move, they sold the house.

The home was honestly on the market before my mom and Mom told anyone that they were thinking about moving a thousand miles away, my sibling and I didn’t want my parents to sell our family home, however they needed money to buy a townhome in The Villages.

My sibling and I scraped up the money so my buddy and I could buy the site and service it up. Right now my buddy and I are using it as a rental dwelling until my buddy and I can find some time to do the work; I went to visit my mom and Mom after they got the townhome in The Villages. The townhome is pretty nice and it is located next to a squashball court, shopping center, and hair salon. My mom goes to the hair salon once a week; She rides his hockey cart from the townhome to the shopping center. The townhome has a couple of ductless mini split AC units instead of central heating and cooling. The ductless mini split system provides heating and cooling in the living part and the dining room. The machines are small, however they blend in nicely with the decor in the townhouse. My mom and Mom said they are honestly inexpensive to use . They are saving a lot of money . My mom and Mom are romantic living in The Villages. Their townhome is centrally located next to all of the things that they care about and my mom and Mom have made a lot of friends.
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