Air cleaner for my household in MO

The changing seasons in Springtimefield, MO means there is a lot of pollen floating around, then also, I live on a dirt road plus that adds quite a bit of complication to the indoor air quality, however the HVAC gets dirty, I own a cat, plus I have long hair… My indoor air quality is always a complication plus something I fight to keep clean.

  • Regular MO HVAC cleanings, service, plus HVAC duct cleaning only does so much though.

When I started noticing a smell in my home, I knew I needed to call professionals for the task! I asked a Springtimefield HVAC contractor what to do about my indoor air quality. The woman highly commanded adding an air cleaner to my household. There are small, stand up purifiers that are pulled into the wall. They are big, ugly, plus eyeahores. They also aren’t too effective. It is better to have one installed into your HVAC duct. As the HVAC turns on, the air cleaner operates. That way you are never breathing in polluted air. As the air rushes through the ducts, it is being cleaned, and no smells either are affixed with this system. The only snag is that there are monthly air filter changes plus seasonal service appointments needed. I just make it a part of my HVAC routine. I get the HVAC plus air cleaner serviced at the same time. I also change both their filters at the same time. It added to my monthly expense however it was worth it to me. I care about having cleaner indoor air quality.

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