I got where I enjoyed hydronic heater

My whole family lives in Lowell, MA… I decided early on in my life that I wouldn’t transport too far away from home, however everyone sticks close and goes to the same university.

Everyone knows each other and all the kids play on the same hockey team. It just makes relaxing sense. I hunted around for the perfect house in Lowell and found a locale. I grew up with a gas heater. It used ductwork to achieve whole home temperature control. I found a house that had a boiler system. I was originally quite upset. I didn’t know anything about boilers. I did not like that I was kept in the basement and took up so much room. It had piping hooked to it and it was strewn through all my floors. That seemed uncommon to me, then at first I thought about ripping out the boiler and redoing the floors. Thankfully I had so many more projects on deck that I let that be at the bottom of the list, but now that I have done a full winter season in Lowell with hydronic heating, I will never own another system… Having sizzling water flow through pipes and be under the floors is amazing. The heating system is so efficient! You feel warmer when it sticks to the ground level. It is quiet, clean, and there are no sizzling and cold spots. Anything touching the heated flooring feels warmer as a result, but for Lowell, having a relaxing working heating system is a game changer, but my boiler system also is linked with living over 50 years. I am in for a real treat.

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