Snowmelt system for Minnesota winters

Living in Minnesota can be quite brutal.

We trick or treat in the snow and hunt Easter eggs in the cold.

Basically from the start of school until the end of it our kids are bundled up in coats, boots, hats, scarves, and mittens. The snowfall comes in feet rather than inches. The windchill and the ice are just horrible. It can get into the single digits at night without any sort of problem. My husband and I have invested heavily in our heating equipment because living in Minneapolis is only bearable if you do that. We own a boiler system that is hooked up to piping throughout our flooring. Hydronic heating is really the way to go when living in Minneapolis, MN. The heat stays at the flooring level and doesn’t rise. There are no cold spots and it is cleaner when it heats. Due to being water based, you aren’t getting lower operational sounds either. Another benefit is that my husband and I learned we could easily make it into a snowmelt system. We have the piping installed in our driveway now. The piping heats the blacktop and the snow melts now when it hits it. This is so nice since before we used to spend a long time shoveling snow and removing it. The cars would have icy windshields and the kids would be covered in snow by the time they got to the car. The snowmelt system melts the snow immediately and the car stays warm since it is in contact with a heating system.

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