Tuscaloosa gets way colder than I expected

My work bumps me around the United States a lot.

I frequently have to attend meetings and seminars for more training.

I am more than happy to do it though. I love to learn and the more I learn, the more chances I have of getting promoted and making more money. I also am not opposed to traveling and moving to a new state for my job. Those factors have really worked in my favor in the workplace. Traveling is fun since I get to see a lot of different states and experience the cities in them. I love going to a place that I have never gone before. I ended up in Alabama for the first time in my life. During the winter in Alabama it was cold. I wasn’t expecting that. I kind of thought that Alabama would be warm to the point that a heating system wouldn’t be needed. Tuscaloosa, AL can get into the 30s and even drop into the 20s on particularly cold days. Thank goodness I checked the Tuscaloosa weather before packing for the trip. I would have packed t-shirts and pants. Instead I bought a coat, hat, gloves, and boots just in case of snow. Alabama just doesn’t seem like a cold state to me. My hotel had the heating system cranked the entire time I was there. I had a radiator right in my room that was blowing out hot air so I could sleep. Every place of business in Tuscaloosa was relying on heating too. It was a great trip, just unexpedly cold. I am hopeful that I can visit that same location again, just in the summertime. There were things I missed due to the cold and not feeling ambitious enough.

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