Baseboard heating rather than three heaters

When I moved into my apartment that was in Lowell, Massachusetts, I knew I needed to update the heating situation, the previous owner had three separate boilers.

There was a ventless heater in the kitchen, a gas fireplace in the kitchen & upstairs had a gas boiler.

Three boilers for one winter time season in Lowell seemed silly to me. The first thing I did was call a Massachusetts heating business for some suggestions; I Wanted to eliminate dealing with repairs & service on three systems. I wanted to not have to set three temperature controls. I also figured it wasn’t too efficient having three heaters. I asked around, got some suggestions & I changed to baseboard heating via a boiler. I unlinked all three of my heating systems & now I have a boiler in my basement. The boiler has pipes hooked up to it that connect to all the baseboards in the house. It was high-priced, invasive, & time consuming, then at the end of the day though, it was totally worth it. I love that I have so much extra space! Figure I had three units taking up a lot of square footage. Now I have a single system that is hidden in the basement! My kitchen, kitchen, & upstairs hallway seem so large to me. I also like that the whole condo is evenly heated. I no longer have to worry about kitchen piping or bathroom plumbing frigid due to not getting enough heat. I am honestly thrilled that my local Lowell heating business had some suggestions for me.



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