Baseboard heating rather than three heaters

When I moved into my condo that was in Lowell, Massachusetts, I knew I needed to update the heating situation! The previous owner had three separate heating systems. There was a ventless furnace in the kitchen, a gas fireplace in the kitchen as well as upstairs had a gas heater. Three furnaces for one winter season season in Lowell seemed ridiculous to me. The first thing I did was call a Massachusetts heating company for some suggestions, i Wanted to eliminate dealing with repairs as well as repair on three systems. I wanted to not have to set three control units. I also figured it wasn’t too efficient having three heaters. I asked around, got some suggestions as well as I changed to baseboard heating via a boiler. I removed all three of my furnaces as well as now I have a boiler in my basement. The boiler has pipes hooked up to it that link to all the baseboards in the house. It was expensive, invasive, as well as time consuming! At the end of the morning though, it was totally worth it. I cherish that I have so much extra space, and figure I had three units taking up a lot of square footage. Now I have a single system that is hidden in the basement, and my kitchen, kitchen, as well as upstairs hallway seem so giant to me. I also like that the whole house is evenly heated. I no longer have to worry about kitchen piping or lavatory plumbing chilly due to not getting enough heat. I am very delighted that my local Lowell heating company had some suggestions for me.


Lowell Massachusetts furnace/heater tune-up