We liked Elgin better than Chicago

Once a year my friends and I go to Chicago to shop; There is a big shopping section that my enjoyable friend and I spend all day in, then my buddy and I go to the name brand stores to choice out our preferred stuff.

My buddy and I then stayed in a swanky hotel right in the city.

The costs of the hotels are obscene, you also don’t absolutely get that enjoyable of accommodations. I started looking around for something better. I didn’t like the noises of the town and being in the middle of it. I then found that Elgin is right near Chicago. Sure my enjoyable friend and I had to rent a car, but it was a short drive to the city. My buddy and I found parking and then when my enjoyable friend and I were done, drove back to our rental in Elgin. The rental pricing was so much smaller than a crap hotel in Chicago. The girls and I were able to Springtime big for a nice accommodation! After one day in the city, none of us wanted to leave Elgin. My buddy and I absolutely liked the small neighborhood vibe and eating at the local sites. My buddy and I enjoyed that it was much quieter, safer, and our rental apartment was fully furnished. My buddy and I bought a bunch of groceries, made a fire out back and drank wine for most of the evening. That was absolutely the best part of the trip. My buddy and I are going to do the same thing next year. I know eventually my enjoyable friend and I will stop going into the town all together… Elgin has shopping too and that isn’t why my enjoyable friend and I get together.

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